class action buffalo blue: Does Blue Buffalo Dog Food Contain Toxic Levels of Lead?

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Mar 8, Fellow Pet Lovers: Dr. Carol is sharing pet food news and details about the two current Blue Buffalo/Blue Wilderness Class Action Lawsuits. Because of the number of class action lawsuits involved the U.S. Judicial Panel on seven false advertising class action lawsuits filed against Blue Buffalo Co. Mar 19, Blue Buffalo pet food contains unsafe and higher-than-average levels of and a class action lawsuit had been filed after the brand was caught. blue buffalo class action

Blue buffalo class action? Purina and Blue Buffalo settle lawsuits after two years |

She always would eat all the food but not eat the brown ones, the life source bits. I would be interested to know if this was a coincidence or the reason behind nearly losing my own furbaby. It is easy to accuse, however no one can find proof of any lead. I have a 2 year old blue heeler, very allergic too. Could you advise on this?

Do You Feed Your Pets Blue Buffalo? You Might Want to Reconsider…. Has anyone looked into the effects on cat with this food? The vet started him on Apoquel, but after reading all the adverse side effects it causes, I just refused to give it to Sammy.

It is the manufacturers responsibility to test and hold their ingredients for safety and quality. Stop listening to the craziness regarding carbohydrates. Vitamin water discount
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Does Blue Buffalo Dog Food Contain Toxic Levels of Lead?

Top Class Actions viewers are reporting they are starting to receive checks in the mail from the Blue Buffalo pet food class action settlement. The first checks were reported on Thursday, Jan. If you submitted a timely and valid claim for the Blue Buffalo class action settlement, keep an eye on your mailbox because you may soon be getting PAID! Blue Buffalo Company Ltd.

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